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n. a coach, companion and/or support

a person who seeks to cure diseases or heal injuries by means other than conventional medical treatment.

Meet Andrea

Full Spectrum Doula

Reiki Practitioner & teacher 

Andrea is the founder and owner of Womb Care Womxn. She offers holistic, and queer affirming healing services. Andrea is a spirited Creative from Saint Louis, MO.

She became attuned in Kundalini Reiki 2016. Since then, she's offered reiki sessions to incredible clients. Since 2021, she's been training reiki students. 

She is also a certified sex doula via National Black Doulas Association.

She has been supporting communities by facilitating workshops on the healing powers of Pleasure Mapping

She strongly believes in the deep transformation and liberation of Black womxn & folx. 


It’s her desire to assist and make space for liberation in her communities.


Thank you for visiting! Let’s connect soon! 

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Services I Offer

Kundalini Reiki 


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Pleasure Mapping

Pleasure Mapping For Every Damn Body (1).png

Without community, there is no liberation...but community must not mean a shedding of our differences, nor the pathetic pretense that these differences do not exist.”

Audre Lorde 

This was my second ever reiki experience and my first virtual one. It was definitely the most powerful experience and I loved having all the information about the setting before hand. Andrea was a wonderful guide and our debrief after was not only accurate but done with love. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone interested in shifting energy blockages and I can only imagine how powerful and in-person session would be. 

AW, Reiki client 

I  am feeling the most magical I have ever felt. Ive been blessed to work with Andrea in becoming a stronger energy worker and healer for myself. My intuition is on fire and i move with so much more softness and intention now. i had my 2nd attunement months ago and at no point has Andrea rushed me to get the next attunement- this example from her also shows me that I dont have a rush for a damn thing! But more than that, it shows she values the PROCESS of healing more than just getting shit done. By allowing me time to sit with all the insights coming up and move in my own slow pace, she (you? idk whos reading this 😆) teaches me to do the same with myself. For her, I am grateful.

JL, Reiki student 

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