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2 Free Tickets left

I’m so grateful to my amazing & beautiful friend @zenmegp for offering to sponsor 5 people to attend my Pleasure Mapping workshop next Sunday!! I’ve always asked a few young adults if they are interested & committed to attending next Sunday. And another 2 have expressed their interest & commitment. So, that leaves 2 tickets left!

If you’re a young adult who may be interested in learning more about how to connect to your body and how to prioritize your pleasure & who is available next Sunday @ 11a CST/ 12p EST/ 9a PST, please email me: with a statement about your interest, commitment & send in some songs (YouTube) that you love listening to that bring you pleasure.

Again, I’m thankful to Z for her support! And I’m looking forward to hearing from all the brilliant young adults who connect with me. Such a sweet offering!

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