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7-Day Gratitude Challenge!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

I’ve been wanting to create this challenge for a while. And I’m GRATEFUL I did!

Creating a gratitude practice increases mental strength, improves self-worth, enhances empathy & reduces aggression & increases psychological health (increase happiness & reduces depression)

I've maintained a gratitude practice since 2014. I’ve paused and written 3-5 things I’m grateful for almost every day.Through my practice, I've manifested better relationships, an abundance mindset and deepened my sense of empathy for my loved ones and the world around me.

Committing to a 7-day gratitude practice: Writing 3-5 things everyday can help cultivate a deeper & more purposeful way of life!

Interested in kick starting a gratitude journal and practice? Sign up for this challenge by downloading the WIX app & start today. Only $10.

Click this link to join:

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