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7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge

Looking for ways to add more pleasure into your life? Ready to boost your creativity? Looking for inspiration & more joy? Join our FREE 7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge. January 20-26th. The daily challenge emails and/or text are going to help you connect with your sensuality, creativity and expand how you view solo pleasure. Ready to carve out space for yourself? Some benefits of this challenge include: -Reduce stress -Boost creativity & sensuality -Self love/care -Sensual Confidence -Just FEEL GOOD This Solo Pleasure Challenge is led by Andrea Richardson, pleasure & sex doula. DM to join email list (link in bio) and/or text 314-669-5182. #7DayPleasureChallenge #PrioritizeYourPleasure #PleasureChallenge #sensualsweetcoaching

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