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I love chanting the Buddhist sublime sentimental statements because loving kindness is sent to self then expands to those around me & my community. My favorite word to chant is ‘yoni’. Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means ‘womb’. In the Pali or Buddhist dictionary, it means ‘modes of generations’ or to be born. To me, it ultimately translates to Source.

As a birth worker, I spend so much time thinking about what it means to support those with wombs & those being born. I also spend alot of time thinking about what it means to come from Source.

Personally, I’m curious about my own birth from a black birthing mom who has a womb. @IAmLivingAligned taught me that for good or for worse, our mothers are our Source. I was birthed came from her yoni. I wonder about how other black mamas/women/womxn conceiving (not just babes, but ideas, goals & intentions). We’ve (folx AND our ideas) all come from Source.

I desire to honor Source everyday. To love up on, educate, advocate for those birthing & to honor those being born from Source.









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