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Amplify Native voices!

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November is Native American Heritage Month! As Indigenous people of Latin America from displaced migrant backgrounds we do not acknowledge colonial borders nor racial terms such as White that attempt to erase our identities as Indigenous people & as descendants of a great Native civilization from parts of North/Central Turtle Island. We understand that in America, we are aliens, immigrants, illegal, invisible. This is why we find some amount of shelter in months such as these, that highlight the beauty & resilience of Native people in America, a diverse people that remind us of the Indigenous diversity in our lands down South too. This month is to highlight the rich heritage of Native Americans observing & living their heritage in America still today, which includes bodyfeeding. We are in solidarity with our Native relatives from this country & are committed to amplifying Indigenous and Native bodyfeeding resistance, resilience, & voices across colonial/settler borders.🤱🏽✊🏽


🎨Winnipeg-based Anishinabe painter Jackie Traverse

Jackie Traverse's paintings, drawings, documentaries, and sculptures speak to realities of being an Aboriginal woman. She has created stop-motion animation on missing and murdered women in Canada, another on the sixties scoop titled “Two Scoops” and “Empty” a tribute to her estranged mother.

To view more of her available art visit:


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