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Astrology: Love Signs & Degrees ❣️

While on my social media break, a cool memory came up for me:

I remember my Dad LOVED studying things. His collection of books was extensive from astrology to pychology to random encyclopedias (*chuckling* There was a book shelf right next to my Dad's music room. And I found myself checking out all these books as a young teen.

Found this big ass red books. And learned it was 'Love Signs by Linda Goodman'That book was no longer my Dad's after that day! Looked up all the sun signs I was compatible with & all the signs I wasn't. I remember taking it to school. Even looking up friend's signs & their crushes. (LOL) I really became a young astrologist

. I wore that book out, chile. I look back & think about how EXCITED & obsessed I was with learning about these sun signs. It was a great time to be alive and to learn about myself & my friends.

I took some time during my break to learn about degrees in astrology, too. I'm learning that degrees are ruled by specific signs:

For example: 8 degrees is ruled by Scorpio. What we know about Scorpio is that it's intense, transformative (Pluto energy)

My Venus (planet of all relationships, pleasure, attraction) is in Libra (justice & fairness) 4H (home, foundation) @ 0 degrees. 0 degrees in astrology represents newness, naivite, silliness. I be a hopeless romantic all day.

Anywho, check out how the degrees are influenced by which signs.

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