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we talk non-stop about turning our magick all the way the fuck on, standing fully in our power, but what does that even mean? how do we do it? • what just means being yourself? • what if your Magick is Being Exactly You? • your existence is alchemical. your impact, monumental. you turn your power on by showing up as YOU • no holds barred. and i’m not talking about a prim, polished + socialized You. i’m talking the wild, cosmic, DIVINE You. as soon as you let your authentic self come to surface, you become the magician of your dreams. • i see my specialty as seeing past the nonsense and into authenticity with each of my clients. each reading, we explore the many beautiful + inspiring facets of YOU in your truest form and discuss ways to make more room in your life for THAT version of you to shine + be empowered. for your authentic self to be fully actualized + embodied. • authenticity is lifeblood. authenticity is true power. claim it.

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