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Autumn 🍂 Traditions & Magic ✨

Oh my! I enjoyed chatting with a sweet friend about magic & Hoo Doo this morning! (Happy Hoodoo Heritage Month to ALL the Black folks reading this) My lineage are Gulah Geechee folks who worked so much of their magic to bring me here in this exact time & space. (I'm so thankful 🥲 )

When I woke up this morning, I didn't expect to share with my love about rituals and point to ways that Black folks (even Christians) practice HooDoo without even knowing. I learned about how they are magical, as well ❤️ That was such an unexpected delight! And to be paid for my gems 💎 and for educating them--that felt amazing, as well.

When I did woke up this morning, I most definitely was expecting to cultivate some of my autumn traditions. Growing up, we never marked and celebrated Autumn 🌳 and all of the cool traditions that come with it. So, now @ my big age, I make it a point to do so.

As witches would say, "The veil is growing thinner*. Autumn is a time for me to gather up my tools to protect against S.A.D or Seasonal Affective Disorder, the cooler weather, and dropping too far into the abyss as I reflect on my birthday (It's 11/09--you know you care 😉 )

One of my favorite Autumn traditions is to bake sweet potato pies (usually while listening to gospel. In the past, I've listened to Mahaila Jackson)

So, my Grannies on both sides were born & raised in Mississippi. My maternal Granny, Ora Lee Newborn (1924-2020) (SAY HER NAME, THO) is from Vardaman (the capital of sweet potatoes). My paternal, Granny Malverna Richardson (1923-1992) (SAY HER NAME, TOO), was from Aberdeen & BOTH baked the BEST sweet potatoes pies 🥧 ! I loved my paternal Grannies' pies the MOST! (Sorry Granny Newborn) & I hadn't had them for long since Granny Richardson died when I was 9.

I found a recipe for Mississippi Sweet potato pies and tweaked it lil. The first time I used the recipe and baked them, I almost cried. They tasted just like Granny Richardson's pies! My God. I know that one of the #generationalperks for me is to bake these damn pies! (Oh my Audre LORDE)

This evening, I tried something new & used graham cracker crust instead of dough crust. And it looks different from the pies I usually pies. But I soon realized that the pies I made today look and TASTE like Granny Newborn's--for the first time ever. 🤯 It reminded me that as strong and tight as me & my paternal Granny are spiritually, my maternal Granny reminded me that she's here, too, and wants to say "Hey, Andrea". It was very special!

I would have documented the process, but I didn't feel like it. Please accept these few photos, tho. 😅

Of course I had to feed my Grannies by placing some pie on my altar (reminder: never place photos of your altar on the inner webs. It doesn't honor your ancestors at all). And then I fed myself (dessert before dinner) These pies are bomb, ya'll.

There's been so much magic today! Good night!

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