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Behavior Specific Praise for children, students and learners

When working with children, students, young learners, Behavior Specific Praise (BSP) means to acknowledge & validate by praising behaviors in a specific way.

BSP helps to cultivate confidence/ self worthiness, enrich language, reinforce positive social skills & academic skills.

There are so many external forces that seek to invalidate, dismiss & harm young Black & brown kiddos.

It’s important that Behavior Specific Praise is used to build up our babes so they can step out into the world with a strong sense of self, unshakable discernment & empathy.

Let’s not “Good Job!” children and young folks to death. It isn’t helpful. Behavior Species Praise requires some forethought, creativity, patience, empathy, tenderness & time for more engagement afterwards. It’s not for your faint of heart, for sure. But they are worth it!



Wow! I saw you helped Lorraine up as she fell down & hurt her knee, Monica! You’re such a kind friend!


The red & purple lines on your page are BEAUTIFUL! Can you tell me about this drawing, Adrienne?


Thanks for remembering to pour the flour in this bowl, Antoine! You're an AMAZING chef!!


You made a great pattern with these leaves, Monique! How’d you think of this?


I see you rocking that baby doll so gently, Tony! You are a loving & kind caregiver!


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