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Black children books for toddlers!

Happy to be Nappy by bell hooks. Illustrated by Chris Raschka

I read this so much in our classroom. Our toddlers and I had lots of conversations which involved touching each other‘s hair + saying the name of the babe who’s hair we were touching. (I’ve let the toddlers be gentle in my own hair &  mentioned how I love it’s texture & color, along + taught the kiddos to identify a head wrap) while reading this book, I brought a lot of attention to how our hairs felt, used words like  coily, curly soft, springy. We’ve also celebrated Black hairstyles and all textures. The babes love it!

Be Boy Buzz by bell hooks. Illustrated by Chris Raschka

I notice  that all the very young boys in our classroom gravitated towards this book. We’ve talked a lot about expressing so many emotions: joy, fear, confidence, sadness, and pride. The babies love seeing glimpses of themselves stretch out across it’s pages.

Homemade Love by bell hooks. Illustrated by Shane W. Evans

The kids in our classroom got a kick out of seeing a young girl—Black  girl— living her full life! They saw her parents support her in very different ways. They saw her make mistakes & being forgiven, moving on. They saw peace as she slept, & geared up for a new day. They saw her being unconditionally loved for her authentic self. 


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