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Black Joy/Veggies & Herbs

Yooooooooo! I’m up & out this morning preparing to water my veggies! I looked at my zucchini leaves & noticed 1/4 of them have been snapped off & are dead.😫 (We have a baby raccoon in our garden. They are trapped now. Somebody is gonna let them out safely). I was feeling horrible, then I looked closely at my squash plant & saw THIS zucchini ! My disappointment turned to sheer delight! There are three squash growing better these 4 plants! One of my neighbors/gardeners just taught me how to pick the zucchini safely. Can’t wait to clean/cut/season /sauté & EAT them!


I decided to let go of my bolted lettuce. It was so delicious while it lasted! Can’t wait to grow it again in mid August, early September when it gets cool again. Gonna let my watermelon & cucumbers vine OUT in this space.


One of the fellow gardeners let me know we have a weeds/herbs bed that any gardener has access to. Y’all! Fresh sage! Grateful I’m not allergic and not a pregnant body cuz I’m about to burn the HELL out of this soon.


Could this be a fresh mugwort? Gonna dry it & burn it & see what happens!


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