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Bring Ra Home!

Repost from @syesha

“Starting at 11am, TODAY, for the next 7 days we will be Hash tagging #BringRaHome. Join me on IG and Twitter to Repost #BringRaHome. Be sure to include in your Bio #BringRaHome, RT, Repost.

We are POWERFUL in numbers. Affirm with us that Amen’Ra is Home Now! Help us bring him back to his loving, happy, and nurturing home where he belongs. Join us for the next 7 days as we stand up for TRUTH and shine light in the midst of the darkness. Thank you all.

Our Sun was Medically Kidnapped just days after he was weaned from my breast. I never went more than two hours without my baby boy and we never left him in the care of strangers, but on March 11th we were forcefully removed from our SUNshine and banned from the hospital Permanently by CPI Officer Danielle McCoy of Manatee County along with other armed police officers.

We were forced to leave our baby behind with strangers at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. Manatee County Sheriff’s department claimed, on Fox 13 News Amen’Ra was first placed in a Medical Foster home, however he NEVER was. He was placed in a regular foster. We have PROOF where he went when he was discharged, which by the way they didn’t even notify us when he was discharged.

We called the hospital everyday and there were days they could not locate our sun.

He was placed in a regular foster home with a white family, bypassing our qualified relative placement, ripping our sun of his culture and the stable and loving environment and world he knew and loved.

CPI Officer Danielle McCoy told us the reason for the removal was because we refused a B12 shot, which we didn’t. Listen to the recording of this removal on this page.

A false petition and medical report by MD Sally Smith has torn our family apart and created unnecessary trauma.

I went to the hospital for assistance during my sun’s weaning process of extended breast feeding to more solids and the bottle. They turned an innocent transition that all breast feeding mama’s go through into a dependency case they documented as medical neglect claiming I abused and neglected the most precious creation of my life.”

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