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Brow chakra

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The indigo brow chakra is located at the center of your forehead (at the third eye) and is all about inner vision, insight, imagination, and clarity of thoughts. When this chakra is activated, you feel focused and steady. You may feel as though you're seeing everything from a higher perspective: beyond ego and petty worries or fears. You may experience glimpses of past lives, have lucid dreams, or feel in touch with a "sixth sense" of perception beyond explanation.

Activate the Brow Chakra:

Practice entering states of flow: when you're so engaged in an activity that you lose track of time and space. These activities serve as concentration exercises, moving your attention from your brain's chatter to the activity at hand. Whether it's drawing a mandala, practicing yoga, or coding software, flow states transcend us.

Make a vision board for your future, or practice free-writing (writing by hand for a set amount of time without stopping to think). See what treasures you can unearth by exploring your higher self.

Free your mind: read books, ask questions, read the lyrics, dig deep researching topics that interest you, meditate as often as you can, explore...

Release physical tension with amethyst and soothe overactive brow energy with lavender. #browchakra #chakrabalancing #chakras

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