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Carrying The Medicine

Repost from @redcommunitymidwives

Repost • @spiritysol

“When nothing in the world makes sense

(Which is 99% of the time these days)

I turn to this.

To growth.

To new life.

To hope.

To love.

To that primal trust that all mamas know

That despite the madness and chaos

It will all be ok

I turn to this unbearable strength

To the sacred resistance of motherhood

Carrying life forward

Carrying the medicine

Carrying the magic

Through the swirling doubts and storms

Holding on to hope

(Like those soft purple flowers

That push through the concrete

To bloom)

When it feels like the world is upside down

I turn to the mamas

And in those blooming full moon bellies

I can see the future

I can see love

And I know that it’s all going to be ok.”

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