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☀️ While talking over the phone with my marketing coach, Latrice Gardner from Be And Us LLC yesterday, I realized there are so many things to celebrate 🎉 this month! (Can’t wait to create a full list and pause to celebrate) I’ve made new associates and formed new, budding friendships. I’m even gearing up for a collaboration with CheyOnna from The Yarn Mission! And so much more! My professional & personal lives are forward moving and unfolding ON MY OWN TERMS! 🤎🤎🤎 I love it so much!


Had you told me early February that I’d be in such a sweet space (which hasn’t always been peace, love or light), I’d say “nah”. & look at you crazy!


I’m incredibly proud of myself for managing to hold onto hope. For me and my communities in these strange times. 🥰


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