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Center yourself

Center yourself, especially if you identify as a Black woman/womxn, femme & non binary. Center your own pleasure & love.

Happy #selfcare Monday!

For me, Mondays are me days to be intentional about centered my own needs (spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical & sexual), pleasures, love without as little external influence as possible. I do things that please myself. And make sure I’m focused on checking in & taking care of myself, without extending my energy to anyone else.

Especially as a Black femme/women, it’s difficult to center myself. Even as a kid free, single person, I still manage to center folks: by letting their ideas of me influence my own beliefs about myself, let their options of me knock me off my square, let the way folks react influence how I love & the matter in which I love.

My therapist micro drags me about it during our sessions (She warmed me first— Once she pointed to my unhealthy pattern & said she saw hints of Pickmesha there. 😬)

Sooo, I just wanna reminds women/womxn/femmes & non binary folks (folks who aren’t use to or have been socialized to center others or who are labeled as being selfish when they choose to center themselves, their own pleasure & care or love) TO find things that make you & only happy without worries of what other folks think/say/do. And DO those things everyday!


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