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I'm A Certified Childbirth Educator! Yay!

Transparency post: Being a certified Childbirth Educator almost didn't even happen, for real.

I loved doing the 12-week assignments, homework items, (I'm already CPR certified) creating a template for a weekend CBE class

I had the damnest time trying to find a childbirth education class that fit me:

-couldn't find one that was suitable for me locally.

-didn't connect with any other childbirth educators here

-a fellow birth doula who is also a CBE gave me free access to her CBE class. And I didn't finish it. (That was my fault) Sorry Whit @wantobewelldoula!

-I even reached out to doulas/CBEs that I loved & never got connected back.

It was frustating.

I had to ask for the 6 month extention. And I felt like I slept on it for several months. --

Until one early morning in June, I woke up with the voice of my paternal Granny saying "Girl, if you don't finish that..." She was mad. I literally sprung & started looking for CBE classes in some of the FB doula groups (Black Doula Collective, Black Doulas Supporting Black Mother..) and found one. Didn't feel good about it being DONA (even if the trainer was /is Black. Against my better judgement, I signed up, tho. Then realized that I needed to attend a class (for birthing people)

Went straight to IG & searched "Childbirth Education classes" & found Erika Davis' (@_wholebodypregnancy_). I remembered that she facilitated the Postpartum week of my Full Spectrum Doula training back in 2021. My heart was soooo happy to see that she was faciliating a CBE & Postpartum class for queer individuals and families! And they were the weekend of July 15/16th & July 22nd! I sent in half my payment on week and half another week. This was one of the best birth classes I've taken thus far! It was inspiring af: *I really can't wait to support more Black queer families*

I was exhausted thinking about reading more books, especially since we read 6 or 7 for the Full Spectrum Doula class. But I took a breath & put myself on a schedule to ready the CBE certification requrement (reading & book reports) :

1. The Birth Partner, A complete guide to childbirth for Dads, partners, doulas, and other labor companions

5th edition

By Penny Simkin with Katie Rohn

* 2. Birthing Justice: Black Women, Pregnancy and Childbirth edited by Julia Chinyere Oparah & Alicia D

3. Nurture: A modern guide to pregnancy, birth and early motherhood-and trusting yourself and your body by Erica Chidi Cohen

*4. Why Did No One Tell Me This: The Doulas' (Honest) Guide for Expectant Parents by

Ash Spivak & Natalia Hailes

5. The 4th Trimester Companion: How to Take Care of Your Body, Mind, and Family as You Welcome Your New Baby by Crythia Gabriel

6. Indigenous Experiences of Pregnancy and Birth edited Hannah Tait Neufeld and Jaime Cidro

*My favorites

Had to resist turning these reports in because I was struggling with them not being perfect. But I moved forward and submitted my certification paperwork.

And here I am! *woot*

If you would like to celebrate me and this success, feel free to send me monies.

Cashapp: $WombCareWomxn

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