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Choosing Family: A Memoir of Queer Motherhood

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“For most of my life, I’d thought of myself as “not the marrying kind”. Even before I knew I liked women, I was queer on the idea of marriage. At first, I thought that what scared me was the idea of walking down the street and being seen as a couple only, my own self disappearing. That’s what was captured for me in the phrase “man and wife”, But as I looked deeper, I saw that what scared me was the idea that I could live day by day with someone, entangled my life with someone else’s, let my body, my things, even my ideas and dreams meld with another’s and be wrong. Remembering my parents, I’d mostly chosen to turn away from that prospect of loss. But to my surprise and joy and fear, I felt myself deep in it. There was Annie, whom I wanted to be my partner for life. And the image of a child kept coming to me. Our child. In other words, risk of the deepest kind.

The home that I thought I lost as a child is still with me, stones that I carried within the pockets of me, stones that were still jacket and stones rubbed smooth with time. Stones that weighed me down. Where did they fit in this new changed picture of my life?”

- an excerpt from CHOOSING FAMILY/A MEMOIR OF QUEER MOTHERHOOD AND BLACK RESISTANCE by Francesca T. Royster, published By Abrams Press, 2023. ️

Thank you to the folks at @abramsbooks for sending us a copy of their newest release for The Free Black Women’s Library book collection. Described as a brilliant literary memoir that radically rethinks love, family, and identity and a powerful compassionate testament to the resilience and ingenuity of Black women across generations and to the importance of embracing one’s identity.

Choosing Family celebrates love and it’s many forms while tackling the various complexities of marriage, womanhood, motherhood, and sexuality when met with racism and social injustice. Above all, it’s about seeking joy - the kind of joy that society did not intend for you, or those like you - claiming it as your own.

In deep appreciation for this wholesome loving read and very thrilled to add this gem to our shelves!!"

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