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Coming out of 48-Vow of Silence/Rest

"We can bend time when we rest & I'm grateful for slowness & the embodied work of refusal." From "Rest is Resistance" -Tricia Hersey

I'm so thankful for my vow of silence. It was a huge 48-hour rest party for me. I refused to initiate convos with others, or on social media, etc. Rest helped to extract a lot of emotions I'd been suppressing for the past weeks. So, it was lovely to bring those things up and out. Felt good to release it.

I enjoyed journaling, singing a bit (I usually since during my vow), reflecting & celebrating all the delicious things happening in my personal and professional life.

I'd definitely recommend folks make a vow of silence (if you're a parent (especially of young children, you'll have to modify the shit out of it & ask for a lot of support) once a quarter, if they are able..

If you're curious about & need support, reach out.

I feel like I had an ENTIRE reset, for sure.

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