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Cultural Competency & Cultural Humility

I'm learning so much from last week's Childbirth Educator training course week #1 with @birthingadvocacy!

Childbirth educators have to be both cultural competent & practice culture humility. They build upon each other. @theblackdoula even said "there's level to this shit" lol

Competency: We have to know about our own culture & how it influences the ways we view birthing folks & interact with them. We have to know about the physiology of birth, etc.

Humility: Makes us aware of dominate culture & offers culture care & grace. It sees birthing folks are EXPERTS in their own bodies and experiences. And humility continues to build upon itself by checking it's own biases. It's constant--not a one time gig.

How do you practice both cultural competency & cultural humility in your life's work?

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