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Dear Black womxn, girls & femmes

Repost from @theblackjoyproject

Dear Black womxn, girls + femmes: you are LOVE(D). You deserve justice. You deserve joy. The Black Joy Project stands fiercely with you. We see you. Enough is enough. As we continue to uprise and bring attention to the ways that police forces and other white powers impact us, we MUST also look within our own communities. We must be willing to do the hard work of addressing the harm being done within our own communities. That is how we will get to deeper spaces of healing. Black womxn, girls + femmes on every frontline are fighting for all of our black lives, so why is there so much deafening silence when a Black trans woman is murdered? Why is there not nearly as much uproar when black womxn, girls and femmes share their stories about harm? Why was there no global uproar when Layleen Polanco was found dead? Breonna Taylor? The list goes on. The measure of our liberation is based on how free Black womxn, girls + femmes are. If you not including that truth in your liberation work, you’re blowing hot air. #BlackTransLivesMatter #AllBlackLivesMatter #ChooseBlackJoy

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