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Declutter Detox!

I’m so excited about this declutter detox this year!

Repost from @iamlivingaligned

It’s ALMOST that time!!! ATTENTION to my Yearly Declutter Detox Family, get ready to report to our Detox Group!

The most important part in becoming holistically well & balanced is first recognizing that your choices and lack of self accountability is what created and continue to create the imbalance.

So for 28 days starting February 1st, I’m going to walk you through my day-by-day steps to declutter your spirit and detox your creativity centers. It’s a new year & perfect timing to break up with your mental excuses for why you’re not better, when you know you can DO & BE better.

The Declutter Detox

February 1-28, 2021

Online Detox Course:

4 weeks, 4 Elements, 4 cycles, 4 seasons


-Learn the Power of Choice & Self Accountability

-Learn how to use the magic of 4s

(4 elements & 4 cycles & 4 season & 4 weeks)

-Shed Unwanted Emotional Body Weight

-Learn the Power of Saying YES or NO

-Gain Mental Clarity & Focus

-Regain your Happy

We kick off February 1st! For more details, visit the

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