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Delivery & Labor Positions

Repost from @dr.kwashington_

“😜I know y’all like to get…creative on Valentine’s Day with your partners sooo…👇🏾

🗣KTSE when it comes to thinking about what labor and delivery positions you’re going to use!

✨Hands and knees? Yup! ✔️

✨On your side? Love it!✔️

✨Squat with the good Megan knees? Absolutely! ✔️

✨Standing bent over the bed? Yeah, that one too! ✔️

You got OPTIONS👏🏾


☝🏾Now when you add a layer of back 🤕pain, annoying 😫pubic pain, or hip 💥pain to the equation…knowing what option would help you be most comfortable is something I can help with😏

Drop a 💥in the comments if you want some tips on getting creative without pain holding you back 🙌🏾”

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