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Distant Kundalini Reiki attuments for Reiki students

Distant Kundalini Reiki attuments for students include:

-3 One-on-one remote (10-20 minute) sessions (each session opens & cleans specific chakra in the body.

1st session: crown, third eye, throat, heart)

2nd session: solar plexus, sacral & root (Done 7-10 days after 1st session)

3rd session: all chakras are strengthened & fully open. And able to teach & attune yourself & others (Done 21 days after 2nd session)

-Chat/Rx after each session (15 minutes or so)

-Resources about Kundalini energy & chakra systems (sent via email)

-Teacher & student manuals (sent via email)

-Extra attunements (in the manuals)

-Lineage (via email)

-Support for the next 6 months

All for $333

Email me: if you are interested and/or have any questions.

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