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“Diverse“ bookshelf v. employing “anti-racist practices”

Repost from @teachfortheculture

More on this later, but we have to stop confusing these two practices and others! - Having a “diverse curriculum”, including books with characters of diverse backgrounds, striving for “equity”, a focus on “inclusion”; #NONE OF THESE ARE THE SAME AS “Anti-racism”, nor should the terms be used INTERCHANGEABLY!!! — Too often as educators, we just hear a term and “put it out there” and day we are “doing it” because it’s “the thing” to do, not even realizing that we don’t have a full grasp of the term!! — Coming back to expound a litter later... but in the meantime, you can drop what you feel are the differences in these practices, in the comments below!! — Edit:

👉🏾As I said a few weeks ago “Stop blowing bubbles into a well and calling it a jacuzzi!!” 🤦🏾‍♀️ - You can’t say you are practicing something if you don’t truly know what that “thing” is ....

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