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Enjoy this Pleasure Tip!

Enjoy this Pleasure Tip! Peace & Happy Hump Day!

Welcome to your Pleasure Break!

You've made it! Question for Connection & Care: What's on your mind right now? Reply back & let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

I felt so moved to share this Pleasure Tip: Daydream s*xual fantasies while doing mundane tasks. Still trying to make space for that this week. And I'm going to try this meetings, & admin tasks! lol

Will you try this with me? If you're able, reply back & let me know how it goessss! I borrowed this tip from Afrosexology's "Solo Sex: A Workbook For Becoming Your Best Lover." You can buy it here: ($30)

Post reads: "Pleasure Tip: Daydream sexual fantasies while doing mundane tasks." On a cream background with pink font & teal colored flower borders in bottom left & top right corner. & Womb Care Womxn logo on bottom right corner.

How do you feel while reading this tip?

What feelings come up in your body as you read it?

Have you ever done this before?

Anywho, I hope you enjoy your hump day! We'll chat next week!

One last thing! Curious about what a pleasure & sex doula is/does? Working on pleasure & sex goals & need support? Book a $20 pleasure and sex doula consultation @

During consultation, we'll talk about how I can support you to reach your sexy goals, more sensual tips and resources. Can't wait to connect with you soon!

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