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Fun facts about me

I’m a Dilla head! I love J Dilla with all my heart and soul! Right now, I’m favorite Dilla track is “Look of Love (Remix). (I love Slum Village, too) My favorite album is “Ruff Draft” (yeeaaaahhhh. lol) . My favorite Dilla instrumental is “Nag Champa (Afrodisiac For The World). I love listening to Dilla instrumentals on repeat to lull me to sleep. Once, I even dreamt Dilla and I were in a co-parent-ship. My love is deep. If you’re close to me, you understand how deep my love for Dilla is. What are your favorite Dillas songs/albums/instrumentals? Btw, my dms are always open for “Dilla talk”. I always have time/space for it.

I have precognitive dreams. Precognitive dreams are dreams that contain knowledge about the future that the dreamer couldn’t know beforehand. I dream so much about friends and associates. If the dream is affirming, I ask if they’d like to hear it, I’d share, if they care.. If isn’t affirming,but challenging, I keep it to myself. I’ve been having precognitive dreams since I was a teen. It’s an interesting gift.

I’m happy that one of my longest friendships has lasted 25+ years! Long term friendships that have standed the test of time are powerful and beautiful! My friendships that have lasted 10, 15, 20, 25+ years have taught me about steadfastness, unconditional love and growth. I appreciate them so much!

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