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Fun Facts About Me

Fun Facts About Me

-I love traveling independently!

-I’m planning a self-marriage ceremony next year!

-My favorite color is green. It’s my spirit color!

SOLO TRAVEL. I love zipping around by myself in new cities, meeting strangers and trying new foods and learning about neighborhoods ..It’s an amazing feeling to EXPLORE. Traveling this way helps me process my experiences and feelings of all this NEWNESS fluidly. I understand that Black women are discouraged from traveling alone, but I know I’m always safe. The Universe has my back. And I’m no fool, either. I know how to protect my body and spirit. Solo Traveling means everything to me!

SELF MARRIAGE CEREMONY. Living through this PONDEROSA alone has taught me that I DEEPLY am committed to my own personal, professional and spiritual development. I should be proud and celebrate that! As a fancy black lady, I definitely DESERVE a self-marriage ceremony! I spoke with my love @ jovan who officiates weddings and they liked my ‘WHY’ and has agreed to officiate my self-marriage ceremony! Woot! We are gonna facilitate community care and ask folks to help support this HUGE celebration. It’s gonna be pretty Zoomy, so folks don’t have to travel and what not. If you have any ideas, DM me.

ODE TO GREEN. My favorite color RIGHT NOW

is green! It’s my spirit color. I love it so much, I got mine dyed to match. It’s been life changing. I wrap my hair so much folks don’t really know that.

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