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Fun Facts About Me

-My Human Design/DNA Blueprint is Advocate/Projector

-I want a paying background singer gig!

-I took my Buddhist vows 3 years ago.

-Human Design/DNA Blueprint is a system that incorporates astrology, I Ching, chakras and other things that helps folks understand themselves better spiritually and physically. Through my reading, I learned/confirmed that I have a laser focus, work best one-on-one and need a lot of time to recharge. And so many other things. Check this out:

-I want a paying background singer gig! Since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with listening to background vocals of my favorite singers, including Bilal. Sometimes I pick a song and just sing to all the background vocals and adlibs. It’s deep.

-Three years ago, I took my vows and took up precepts as a Thervada Buddhist. June 3, 2018. Even though so many HUGE spiritual practices are VERY patriarchal, What drew me to traditional Theravada Buddhism was that it honors the moon cycles. Of course, I love practicing meditating and chanting, as well. I take what resonates with me and leave the rest. I also love ATRs (HooDoo, especially), energy healing, astrology and matriarchal religions.

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