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Garden update/Juneteenth/Let’s talk

1. After waking up from a sweet dream, I went to my garden bed to find two of my watermelon seeds budding at their stakes.

2. My collards are just growing. I could pick & eat them every week.

3. One lonesome sunflower is standing strong!

4. My squash are gonna expand & take over soon. I just planted them last week!

5. My cabbage is almost as huge as my collards. I’m in love with their purple veins.

6. Cucumbers are growing so quickly!

7. Woke up to work in garden on Juneteenth & these red & green tapes were placed on the black hoses. I’m hella suspicious 😒 & mildly pleased ☺️ about it.

8. S/o to my neighbor for making this sign. We all need to talk! Shoutout to this adorable doggy, too!!

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