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Happy Mama/Mother/Birthing person’s day!

“Mothering is an instinct, yes, but it is also a practice. It can be learned.”—Alice Walker

Happy Mother/Mama/birthing person/motherly figure’s day!

Holding space for the folx who have loss babes, those who have spirits babies, aunties who care deeply for little ones, those who were blessed with their babes through adoptions, those who were adopted and are parents now, those who birthed through c-sections, those who have lost their moms, those who are estranged from their mamas, those who are hoping for miracle babies, those who have had rainbow babies, those who have been unofficially adopted by a motherly person...❤️I see you! I see all of you!

Repost from @parentingforliberation *Artwork collage by @alexispauline 🔥🔥🔥

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