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Happy Solar Eclipse/Transformation

We’re about an hour away from the solar eclipse AND the New Moon in Gemini!

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to rest with all these huge planetary events! 😅

@chaninicholas told folks to look back to the last solar eclipse (around Nov. 30) and see what major shifts were happening.

Last November, I began participating in a workshop with @birthbruja called “Supporting Survivors Who Birth”. That made me aware of how sexual trauma impacts the mind, body and spirit of birthing folks. It’s something hidden that many aren’t aware of. This awareness was unearthed!

Also around that time, I was taking @oldschoolbruja’s death 💀 doula diaspora—End of Life doula training. We learned about the processes of death, sacred rituals to honor the dying, and practiced writing own mock “last” letter. Super powerful & transformative.

It was a dark time (in the Autumn with shorter days) & a blessing to go deep into the fears & trauma, feel them & emerge as a new & more WHOLE human!

Don’t forget to write ALL your WILDEST dreams today! And be steadfast in waiting for the transformation to happen!

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