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Happy Venus Day!

Happy Venus Day! Happy Friday! The planet Venus is influences our love, friendships, reconciliations & beauty! How will you show your love and care for yourself and your communities today? How will you honor your friendships today? Will you reconcile with folks? What will you do to feel physically beautiful today?

Black womxn, women & femmes support their friends, families and communities is so many ways: emotionally, spiritually, financially & physically. How are you gonna give back to them today?

I know some amazing Black women, womxn & femmes who have services/goods/art who spirited, transformative and healing. Support them today!

@dailchambers-Childbirth Education services, Life coaching & Art

@sagemoondoula: Childbirth Education services

@ngozicounseling-Therapy & doula services

@therapydoulastl- Therapy and doula

@o.o.bounds - tarot and oracle card readings, meditator and yoga teacher

@bryakimnita- doula services & tarot and oracle card readings

@beandusllc - PR & marketing coaching

@dayah_moneaaa -hair stylist

@doohicky_craftique - beautiful crocheted goods

@huneyandcolecosmetics - natural cosmetics

@_insearchofagarden_ -birth and abortion doula services, body movement facilitator

@iamlivingaligned -life coaching, astrology services

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