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Honor Black Birth

Repost from @honorblack.birth

“Meet Amber: They/them pronouns | queer and non-binary | artist and professor

A year ago, we followed Amber’s pregnancy journey with their third child, Harmony. Here’s a snippet of their story: 

I do think it's worth noting though that racial disparities in the healthcare industry caused me to change my behavior. This is the first pregnancy where I exercised, like dedicating four days a week to exercise, because I said,’ I'm not going to die on that table.’ But of course in the back of my head, I knew that's not going to keep me alive, right? It matters whether or not my doctor is willing to listen when I have an issue. So I think that was really interesting, but it did help me postpartum, my recovery was really, really fast. I was able to be active again pretty quickly. So I'm thankful that I exercised, and I know it made a difference in terms of my recovery. But it was just weird battling this idea that no matter what I do to be safe and healthy during my pregnancy, if I have a doctor who doesn't see me as a whole person and isn't willing to listen, it doesn't matter, you know?

Amber and baby Harmony are rocking our new #NotAgenderedExperience merch. It’s on the website now:”

📸 : @madypatty

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