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How do YOU support during labor?

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“How do YOU show support during labor?😂🤎

“GO BAD B*TCH, GO BAD B*TCH, GO!” just may do the trick in getting morale up during labor!😊

This is how I see it myself when someone is about to give birth:

✨Birthing Person: knows the pain train is coming and is ready to get baby out!

🤍Partner: In shock, a little scared, excited, and recording because birthing person told em to!

🤎Doula: HYPE HYPE HYPE (on the inside & a little on the outside) because baby is about to be HERE this is the moment we’ve all been working toward!

💗OB/Midwife: Calm, encouraging, and reassuring the whole way that you’re doing GREAT!

❤️Friends/family/followers: all waiting anxiously to get an update on labor, birth, and the baby!! Rooting on silently from across the interweb💀😂❤️

If I made ya laugh PLEASE like, leave a comment & SHARE to your story✨🤎

I’m perfecting my fake baby bump, huh?!”😏✨🤎


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