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How I became/Tarot reader

Received a dope ass tarot reading from @crowcamino @ the Education Transformation Jam back in 2017. The reading they gave wasn’t my first reading, but the most impactful one at the time. My first past, present, future. The card in my present/future position had such a messy & busy energy. Items in the card we’re broken & unkept. It described my emotional life; I was reeling from my Dad’s transition 6 months prior. Kate explained that things in my present may be intense & if I didn’t slow down, I may crash. We talked about ways I could center myself. It was the first time someone asked me to explain how my past/present/future events connected together. Inquiring gently gave me space to “read” myself. I started desiring to read tarot after that reading. The guidance & wisdom in the cards compelled me. I told Kate that I want to learn more and she said it’s simple. —

A month later I was gifted my first tarot deck. They were a deck from a friend of a friend who transitioned into the afterlife. I started pulling cards for myself daily.


Soon after that I was tagged in a @mysticmondays’ post for their imperfect cards. I was chosen to receive them, paid for shipping only. I’ve been working with this progressive + beautiful deck ever since! —

I’ve been getting regular readings from @o.o.bounds. She’s been teaching me how to trust my intuition, how to trust spirit when reading. I’m so grateful to her. —

I’m also so inspired by the Black & Brown womxn & non binary folx who’ve inspired & continue to inspire me & teach me about the wisdom of tarot. —

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