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How To Fund A Doula pt. 2

*Use Tax Return

*Start A Doula Fund and/or a Savings

*Get Creative & sell items on FB market

*Digital gift cards and certificates for doula services

Using tax return to fund doulas can serve as a great investment! Large chunks of doula packages and whole services can be paid this way.

Start a A Doula Fund/Savings: No matter where folks are on their pregnancy journey, services and packages may decide to put money aside to pay for their doula care. Ask friends and families to start a Doula fund/savings, too! That would make for a beautiful gift from your loved ones!

Get Creative and sell items on FB market: Birthing folks may want to prepare for their new babe by selling items that they no longer want or need. Money obtained from sales can help pay for doula care.

Digital gift cards/certificates for doula services: Some doulas offer digital gift cards/certificates c to pay for services on their websites. Birthing families can ask friends and families to buy digital gifts cards/certificates (from $50-up) to put towards their doula support.

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