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How To Support A Parent During Postpartum

How To Support A Parent During Postpartum

Some families wait about 40 days after birth to invite folks over. It’s a beautiful tradition. After those days, here are some ways to support a parent and their family during postpartum:

-Make their favorite warm meals. Keep their body feeling comforted as they heal from birthing.

-Check in with parents to see how they are doing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Make it a point to see hold space for them after this experience. We all know how excited folks are feeling about this newborn. Just keep in mind that the birthing parent needs that excitement and attention, too! Ooh, and PLEASE ask the family how they are doing & feeling, as well. This is an exciting time for them, too.

-Clean and cleanse their space, with permission, of course. Do they need their dishes done? Is laundry piling up? Does something need to be organized? Make sure you understand exactly what light housekeeping the family needs and support them in that.

Care for the newborn while the parent sleeps, or rests, or does simple acts of self care. Does that parent want to take a shower, listen to music in peace or just take some deep breaths? You can support them in doing so by caring for a newborn for 20 or 30 minutes at a time. It helps.

-Caring for other children the family has would be tremendously beneficial. It gives the family peace of mind and gives the children FUN & intensive care.. If you’re amazing with children, an educator or a nanny. You may be perfect support because it gives the family time to care for the nu one while their other children are cared for and nurtured.

-Reaching, facilitating community care is crucial to supporting an entire family during the birth of a babe. Talk with massage therapists, healers, comedians, postpartum doulas, counselors, etc, in your community that you know, love and trust & ask if they can support the birthing person and their family during this sacred time! It takes a village to support a family.

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