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How To Support Birthing Parents

Checking with birthing/pregnant parents is important, especially in the first trimester when things are incredibly active and their bodies are doing interesting things. Find a way to check-in in a way that the birthing parent appreciates. For example, If they would love calls, instead of in- person visits, do that. Practice active listening and hold space for ALL of their emotions, thoughts & feelings.

Asking, “How can I support you today?” is incredibly helpful. Sometimes, asking “How can I support you in this moment?” is helpful, too. Let birthing folks know that if it’s in your power, you will support them in ways that feel good to them. Make sure to follow through and be realistic about how you can support them. .

It may or may not be helpful to research things for parents. Topics like: prenatal depression, sciatic nerve pain, changes in pregnant bodies, etc. may be helpful. More than likely, they are doing research for themselves, as well. It may be helpful to look deeply into things on their behalf.

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