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My Ideal Clients & Their Families

Working with my ideal birth clients & their families is an absolute BLESSING!

During my birth justice mentorship program with @kuluntu, we spoke SO MUCH about our ideal clients...Who are they? Where do they live? What groups are they in? What do they do? Where do they hang out in- person and in virtual spaces?

As we took some time to answer those questions, I realized that idea clients & their families are:

-Black (of course)

-Creatives (writers, fiber artists, painters, photographers, healing artists, etc)

-Artivists (Use their art as an extension of their activism)

-City dwellers

-Have many marginalized identities (in addition to being Black): queer, survivor, non-binary, non-monogomous, etc.

-Spirited (but not necessarily religious)

-Aware of the Black Perinatal (Maternal) Mortality Crisis

-a birthing person who is healing from their birthing traumas & would love support.

And many more…

My ideal client is a reflection of me. They are me.

Last year, I made an Artist cry, when he asked him who I'd love to work with, if money was no barrier. I told this Artist that I’d love to work with folks that Spirit (my ancestors) approves of. I want to make sure our partnership (and collaboration) is blessed and divine. Birth work is the most spirited work.

If you or anyone else is my ideal client & needing support during your pregnancy journey, shoot me an email: Or book a doula consultation @ so we can talk about how I can support you during your amazing pregnancy! Let’s connect soon.

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