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Informed consent in birth work!

Repost from @philadoula

informed consent is a nonnegotiable in birth. practice your questions! it’s your body, your baby, your birth. you are in charge!

Repost from @chinatolliver

Update: SOLD OUT. Pre-order now available. Ship date June 5.

📣Consent isn't opional, and opinions aren't options.

This 3"x4" card is a game changer! Clip it to your birthworker bag, your birth bag or hospital bag. Share it will your clients and community. Talk about it in prenatal appointments. Baby shower gift? Yes, that too!

Stand in the mirror and practice.

This is relavent in all birth settings.

Let's review:

1. Am I OK?

2. Is my baby OK?

3. Is this an emergency?

4. What are all my options?

5. Do I have 5-min to process?

Bonus: My consent isn't optional.

Shout out to @telgoodell to laying this knowledge on me back in the day when we roamed the hall of L&D.


If anyone wants to help me translation this into different languages let me know!?!

For orders 10+ email


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