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Introducing 'Pleasure Breaks'!

Introducing 'Pleasure Breaks'!

Every Wednesday (Hump Day!), I will be sending an email to encourage folks to take a pause & enjoy something pleasurable. Some emails will include:

1. Questions to ponder (feel free to hit the 'reply' button & I'll hold space to listen/hold a convo about it. I'd love to chat more)

2. Songs or playlists that may make you think of sensual pleasures.

3, Resources about sensual pleasure from sex therapists & pleasure coaches, as well. My hope is to help us all explore & nurture sensual pleasure in their everyday lives!

I'm looking forward to offering you all this yumminess!

Email Andrea@wombcarewomxn to join email list!

Email Andrea@wombcarewomxn to join email list!

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