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Join the 7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge!

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Peace, pleasure seekers!

Looking for ways to add more pleasure into your life? Ready to boost your creativity? Looking for inspiration & more joy?

Join our 7-Day Solo Pleasure Challenge.The daily challenge email or text are going to help you connect with your sensuality, creativity and expand how you view sensual pleasure outside of s3x.

Ready to carve out space for yourself? Most activities take 10-20 minutes to do. Miss a day? No prob, we have a week to sink into our practice!

Some benefits of this challenge include:

-Reduce stress

-Boost creativity & sensuality

-Self love/care

-Sensual Confidence


Sign up for the challenge by:



texting 314-669-5182

Express your unique interest and why!

Send your payment ($20 / participant) ) to: Paypal:

Able to sponsor a participant who may not be able to afford the challenge? Send your payment with the note: Sponsor Pleasure Challenge. THANK YOU KINDLY!

This Solo Pleasure Challenge is led by Andrea Richardson (she/her/Goddess), pleasure & sex doula. She is a pleasure activist & the owner of Womb Care Womxn, a Full Spectrum doula business based here in Saint Louis. As a certified doula, her focus is to support Black folks & families in birth, loss (pregnancy & infant, grief and abortion) & death pleasure. As a pleasure & sex doula, it’s her mission to support Black womxn, femme & folx explore and uncover how to prioritize pleasure in their everyday lives. She’s proudly featured in Essence Magazine and POPSUGAR. It’s her joy to support her communities emotionally, physically & spiritually as they move through many life experiences.

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