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Knitting, Quilting & family legacy

“A Piece Of My Soul: Quilts by Black Arkansans” by Cuesta Benberry featured excerpts from an interview of my paternal Granny Malverna Richardson that was conducted in 1978. She became a Master and taught apprentices via the Missouri State Arts Council two years before I was born. Became an ancestor in 1992. This book was published in 2000. I just bought this e-book this week in 2020. My Granny’s legacy & impact on her family & community is still very powerful, even as an ancestor now.

I inherited (& downloaded) my love of crafting with my hands from my paternal Granny. She went from knitting to quilting & was taught by my great granny Willie Young. Granny created quilts for our family. They are sacred now.

My Granny & I also shared a love for creating for Black (and brown) folks. We were both proud of the time & energy spent on working on projects. We loved offering them to our communities & those we love.


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