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Last day of Black August Days

Repost from @theyarnmission

I love when folx support us. @floopsstitchmarkers created these tym inspired stitch markers and I love them!

For me, The Yarn Mission exists outside of me, around me. I honor her. I am very protective of her. I appreciate all others who cherish her the way I do.

I protect her image as well. If she cant be printed well, she doesn't get printed. She looks amazing on this lil notebook.

I LOVE sewing and I LOVE bags. It is so fun to use bits of all of the pretry fabrics I have. When you are a person who loves so many things, it can feel like not much gets done. Haha so hopefully one day I will make more but currently it is high on my to-do list.

About the skein pin, I love yarn as yarn. #sorrynotsorry I dont have to have a vision for it or anything near a plan. I just love yarn being around. So when I saw a pin with a skein quite like this, I knew I needed to make some too.

These are all part of the FINAL giveaway for #BlackAugustDays

Donate at least $10 to our paypal or cashapp AND submit an entry form.

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