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Mondays Are For Radical Rest

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Peace & good early mornin'!

Happy Monday! For me, Mondays are for radical rest. It's a great time to take it easy, put my phone on DND, breathe deeper and do things I enjoy.

I used to HATE the grind Mondays brought. Sundays used to make my stomach turn. All of that because of the demands of capitalism and hustle culture. As a kid I've spent years watching as my parents regret and be upset by Mondays. And I've internalized that & it made me upset, too. Living here in the US reinforces that, too, of course!

One positive thing about the pandemic has been that I've been able to define what my days look like. It's such a privilege as an entrepreneur and I'm mad grateful.

The astrologist in me knows that Mondays are influenced by the moon. The Moon (ruled by Cancer) is all about care, comfort & doing things to take care of self and our communities.

In the spirit of care and comfort, part of my radicalness today is to limit my social media intake today. It just feels so good to me.

How can you care for & comfort yourself on this Monday? How can you slow down and deep a little deeper? How can you care for the communities who care deeply for you today?

I'm caring for you while sending this message. And wishing you the best Monday possible.


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