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My #BlackJoy this morning!

My #BlackJoy was expressed through #gardening earlier this morning! Seeing my lettuce made me so happy! She has grown so much! 🌱I love how there’s a mix of red & green leaves together!


My cabbage is coming along so strong! I’m in love with it’s purple veins & blue green leaves. —

Gave me great chills to see my cucumbers buds are above the soil now! Yes!


Lastly, rest in eternal peace to my sunflowers! 😭 The weeds surrounding them took over & I had you pull EVERYTHING. I’m still mourning them (for real). But this morning I planted more sunflowers seeds & put stakes in the ground so I can quickly identify them (both flower & weeds). (Here a picture of my ground before I watered them).


I’m still waiting on my chard & dinosaur kale to bud. But I was sweetly given romaine lettuce from a fellow gardener. 💓#gratitude 🥬


I’m also grateful to have a brief convo with neighbor (a fellow gardener) who is during great anti-racist work as a cis gendered, white male.😵 It was encouraging to hear him talk about ways he is using his privilege to kill white supremacy.


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