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My S3x Down South Conference experience Days 1 & 2 ✨

Oh my! What a great honor to speak @ the S3x Down South Conference this past weekend! I honestly don't know where to begin. Maybe I'll start here: I didn't take many photos or videos (I'll have to ask the SDS crew about the photos they took of me during my workshop) . I truly loved staying present the ENTIRE time. (And sometimes taking photos takes me out of that present moment)

Know that my workshop went well! All of the seats were filled. Folx were engaging and fun. I enjoyed responding and giggling with participants. Mapping our faces, scalps, ears and necks with intention was soothing and grounding. I loved I got some immediate feedback (I'm learning about feedback as a form of love) I had a chill in the middle of talking about my solo pleasure journey--I just couldn't believe that the daydream of talking about Pleasure Mapping with strangers in ATL was coming to fuition. It just gave me chills. It was an out of body experience!

I experienced SO many firsts:

-seeing the run rise from up in the skies

-visiting in ATL

-visiting & speaking @ S3x Down South Conference

-presenting my Pleasure Mapping workshop in-person

-visiting a dungeon space

& other things I'm keeping to my damn self.

I met so many folx: s3x educators, therapists, workers, k1inksters, etc. Made so many new friends and prospective collabs!

I'm so grateful that the very human I saw as I entered the hotel where the hotel was located was my friend Sky Wind! The embrace he gave me was resortive as fuck! It soothed all the nervous stored up in my body from the flight.

I found it sweet and grounding to write our hopes/intentions and wishes to our HUGE ass 'wish list'. Loved seeing all our wishes in various colors and penmenship. I'm working on manifesting my wish. I know it'll come to pass. And I'm grateful for it coming to pass!

One of my favorite spaces to hide away when my introverted self got overstimulated was the quiet/healing space! It was dark, with faux-candles @ the walls, music of sound bowls going with a nice humidifier going, pillows and cozy beds were propped up & ready to great our tired body--invitiang us to rest. I love all the whispers, too. In the center of room, sat beautiful rugs, electric candles, & sound bowls.

So grateful for all the honey dips I met in virtual land & finally got to love up on irl!

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