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New Reiki prices & packages ⭐️

It’s been so dope attuning Black folks (especially femme & queer through Reiki this month! The folks I’ve attracted are high energy & powerful! 💥I can’t wait to connect with MORE good people like @hoelistichealthcare, @prandharaprem_tantra, @sincerely__nova, & @namaste_mindfu1 for attuning/teaching in October.

I'm happy to share with ya’ll my new Reiki prices and packages! With much thought & encouragement from a long-term Reiki client, I've created some prices that FEEL right (according to my skill, experience and knowledge).

Check them out on my website: wombcarewomxn! (Link in bio).

& Please share with your communities, families, friends, etc!

Thanks so much!

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